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The main active substance of the drug "Ventolin" is micronized sulfate of salbutamol, a classic selective agonist of beta-2-adrenergic receptors. The product is available in aerosol form for metered-dose inhalation. The auxiliary substance is propellant.


"Ventolin" dilates the arteries that feed the heart. Increases strength and heart rate. The drug is able to influence metabolic processes in the body. It can reduce the concentration of potassium in blood plasma, cause an increase in glucose levels, shift the pH of the blood towards the acidic side. For these reasons, Ventolin is not suitable for all patients, and it is necessary to determine the safety of use in a particular case with a doctor.



"Ventolin Inhaler" cannot be used as the only therapeutic agent against bronchial asthma of an unstable nature or severe degree. If there is no positive response to salbutamol, patients with severe disease are prescribed glucocorticosteroids. This condition requires mandatory medical intervention.



Asthma is a disease of the respiratory tract. During the onset of an attack, urgent measures must be taken, since the condition is accompanied by acute respiratory failure, suffocation. To stop spasm and normalize the condition, special devices are used - inhalers.


Inhalers for bronchial asthma are the most convenient and effective devices that make it possible to quickly bring well-being to normal and return the full functionality of the respiratory system. Their main advantage is the rapid delivery of the active substance when inhaling.

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Where can I get some Ventolin Inhaler?

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, which is manifested by attacks of shortness of breath, whistling breathing, coughing, and in severe cases - a pronounced and even life-threatening violation of respiratory function. The tactics of patient management and methods of treating bronchial asthma have long been investigated by doctors.


Bronchial asthma is typically a disease of an allergic nature and is associated with an increased susceptibility of the body of a particular person to any allergen substance. That is why bronchial asthma is often combined with allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases.

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